The Mill Brook
The Mill Brook


The Mill Brook

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14-15" wide

All shippable wreath orders will be sent out on December 15, 2020.

We brake for Monarch Butterflies here at the farm, and are an official Monarch way station. We have one of the largest contiguous stands of native milkweed in the area, and revel in the wildlife that this outstanding plant hosts. In order to protect this habitat and the many others found on the farm, no pesticide or herbicide products of any kind are used here. Our milkweed fields remain untouched until we harvest seed pods in late October, which are featured in this dear-to-our-hearts wreath.

* We ship one wreath per box. If purchasing multiple shippable wreaths, please place individual orders.


Care instructions:

Our Everlasting wreaths are just that; they will keep their beauty for as long as you care for them. They don't need much, just a dry indoor spot out of the direct sun. Subtle changes in color are to be expected.


Everlasting Wreaths:

All our wreaths include material grown, harvested and dried right here on the farm, with some material taking two or more seasons to mature. We only grow using sustainable methods, and always put our local insects and birds first. Your wreath has truly been years in the making, and we can't wait for you two kids to finally meet. A wire loop is attached for your hanging ease.